What to Look For When Choosing a Golf Course

Golf CourseGolf is a very popular sport and those that play it will tell you how addictive it is so it’s no wonder golf courses are a million dollar business. If your a avid golfer than it’s important you know the fundamentals of the game which includes being able to choose the right golf course.

I’ve researched several resources trying to find out what actually defines a nice looking course and was able to gather some cool information.

I’d like to go through 3 things you have to look for when choosing the right course to play golf.

Let’s get started…

Membership Price

There are many golf courses that don’t require a membership to play however I’ve noticed the ones that do are typically the best around town. However, the price to join an exclusive club can be very expensive so it’s important you know what your getting when paying the price.

Golf courses which require a membership usually have several locations so you might want to find out where you can play all over the world.

The average price of a membership can be anywhere from $500.00 to $60,000 annually so make sure you know what your willing to invest before joining.


As mentioned above many golf courses require a member however there are some which are absolutely free, but this doesn’t mean you should jeopardize location and scenery. Some of the best golf courses in the world are known for the experience they provide and many avid golfers will tell you this is why they love to play the game.

When choosing a golf course make sure you look for water, quality of green, how spread out the holes and even perks like food and drinks. If your going to commit to play you might as well make sure it’s the best location in town.

Customer Service

When you arrive on a golf course your going to have many questions about the rules and regulations as they apply to the course.

You’re going to want to find your way around the place when getting started and if your a member you’ll have even more questions. When selecting a golf course it’s important to make sure the customer service is awesome so you know you’ve chosen the right place to play a sport you love.

You’ll know if they have elite customer service by the way they interact with members playing on the course.

The Look

It is always important in this high end sport to look nice